Garage Doors

Garage door types:


Many garages benefit from having an added layer of insulation that protects them against the outside weather. Insulated garage doors tend to be much thicker, sturdier, and provide better protection against noise and outside damage. Non-insulated doors tend to be attached to garages that are not directly attached to the home itself, creating a less protected environment. Garages that are directly attached to the home tend to benefit from insulation since the cold air storage from the garage can often find its way into the home itself.

Door Material

When it comes to garage door material, homeowners have many different options in many different price ranges. Wooden doors tend to be the most expensive, while double steel doors are great for insulation and prove excellent for resisting dents and discoloration. Aluminum doors provide a cost-effective option that gives your garage a lighter, long-lasting exterior.

-Door Type-

Choosing your door type will not only help you determine how you want your garage to look from the outside but how you want it to perform. Single panel doors feature an older technology that allows a single sheet to slide up and down to protect your garage. These tend to be less costly to repair and replace, while sectional garage doors, which employ different panels for a smoother, more efficient layer of protection, allow a homeowner more design choices and increased safety.

How do you measure for a new garage door?

Starting at the widest opening point, measure your door's width. Try to look for irregularities that might complicate or throw off your original figure before putting in an order. Next, measure the opening of your door at its highest point, followed by the areas of your door that are next to these openings. Make sure to leave at least four inches for the installation of your belt or tracking. Next, measure the entire length of your door from ceiling to floor. Finish by measuring the width of the entire garage from front to back.

How much does it cost for a new garage door?

A new garage door can range from about $200 to $4,000 depending on your door material, style, and insulation. Single panel doors always start at the lower range, as well as doors made out of aluminum or fiberglass. For doors made out of wood or steel with insulation properties, you'll be looking at a higher price range. Likewise, double steel doors and doors that involve newer insulation technology will be on the higher end of the spectrum. Most Americans report that they spend around $1,000 for new door materials.

How much does it cost to install a garage door?

The installation cost for a single door will generally range between $500 and $800. Professional labor for door installation takes around five hours, while a DIY project can span up to eight hours. For more complicated door installation projects, especially those involving torsion springs, professional labor is recommended to cut out the risk of property damage and personal injury.