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Garage Door Opener



Review: It's really a good thing that I picked this company for a garage door repair service. They were on-time and were very responsive. My opener's circuit board was finally fixed. He checked the other parts making sure that everything was in good condition. I would surely call this company again.

Thank you for choosing us that we provided you great service as you expected. Have a great day!

Service: Garage Door Openers Repair
Product: Openers

preview Maria M. Maria M.

Garage Door Track



Review: I love how this company responded to my call. Their technician had a pleasing personality and were punctual. The garage door track and opener replacement service was great. They also offered a free lubrication. My bolts and hinges were tightened too. I would surely recommend this to my neighbor, family and friends.

Thank you that you called us. We're always giving our best service and making sure that we helped you fully with your concerns. Highly appreciated this good reviews.

Service: Garage Door Replacement
Product: Track

preview Ritzcen D. Ritzcen D.

Garage Door Styles



Review: I was sifting through various garage door styles and wanted to find an incredible fit for my property. It was tough at first before I called this company and spoke to a specialist. He was helpful and made sure the experience was as efficient as possible. I can happily say the new garage door that has been put in is great and looks the part. This is one of the best companies in town and I can say that without any reservation!

We are glad to learn about your experience with one of our specialists as that's what makes our day!

Service: Garage Door Styles
Product: Styles

preview Lee D. Lee D.

Proper Garage Door Security 



Review: If you remember being around 20 years ago, you likely remember that most people could open the garage doors around them if they had the right brand of remote. This is obviously concerning if you store more than your car in your garage, which is why making sure that you have proper garage door security is something that so many people worry about. Thankfully, the doors of today are built in a much more secure way and it is easier to make sure that you are the only person who can open then and access your garage.

Wow! yeah that's definitely a great reason for security. You never know when you'll need it. We glad all of you are safe and the system worked perfectly by our technician Shawn.

Service: Garage Door Security
Product: Security

preview Mathew A. Mathew A.

Garage Door Extension Springs



Review: It wasn't easy to spot a problem with the garage door, and that meant it was time to call in a pro. The specialist would take a glance at the garage door to see what had transpired. In the end, the results showed it had to do with the garage door extension springs, and they had to be changed out. The previous ones were not adequate and had started to falter as soon as they were put in. This was important to note because the garage door wasn't working at all. It had broken down, and the specialist had to put it all together using diagnostic tools.

It was very wise of you to leave the extension springs job to us because we don't want you or anybody else to risk possible injury by our tech Dor at the same time, we want to thank you for being a great client.

Service: Garage Door Extension Springs
Product: Extension Springs

preview Ramon C. Ramon C.

Garage Door Systems Installation



Review: I needed an entirely new garage door system and since I had never purchased one before, I didn't know who to call. I called several companies to get pricing on the systems and the installation. This DoReMi Door had the best priced garage door systems in the area so I bought mine from them. They installed it for me a few days later. I am glad I hired them because they did a great job and the price was reasonable.

It's always great to hear such nice things from our customers. Thank you for the great feedback by our excellent technician Steven.

Service: Garage Door Systems
Product: Systems

preview Colleen M. Colleen M.

Single Garage Door Installation



Review: I was looking for a single garage door to purchase and install in my new home, I checked online for some firms, and I found DoReMi Door Services. I inquired and hired their service. Surprisingly, they came too quick and fixed my single door at a low price.Thanks.

Welcome esteemed customer! We also thank you for carving out your time to write an honest review. Mr. Robert It was an excellent experience serving you, and we’re ever ready to help you better any time.

Service: Single Garage Door
Product: Garage Door

preview Robert B. Robert B.

Emergency Garage Door Services



Review: Anyone that has been caught up in an emergency can’t cease to shower praises on whoever helped out at such time. The case is not different from what happened to me two days ago. I was in urgent need of a quick door repair for my garage, and I had to visit my close by neighbor who had his door fix just last week. He recommended DoReMi Door Services to me, and I called them. Amazingly, all the fixes were achieved within 2 hours.

We’re ever ready to deliver even faster services than what you got. Mr. Darryl That’s what you get when you come for our services. Thanks for letting others know what you think about our service, we appreciate your patronage.

Service: Emergency Garage Door Repair
Product: Garage Door

preview Darryl T. Darryl T.