Garage Door Offtrack

Garage Door Off Track

One of the most common garage door issues homeowners face is when a door jumps its track, leaving your garage open and vulnerable to the outside world. However, getting your door back on its track doesn't have to be a disaster. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes to find a fix for your garage door. Take a look at the following questions to find which situation best applies to you.

How do you get a garage door back on track?

Start by disconnecting your door from its opener and using the door release to open the door manually. When you do this, you'll be able to see where the door has jumped the track. Before your proceed, place pliers under the door as a stopgap. Using another pair of pliers, you will now be able to manually place the wheels back on the track. You can secure the track with a mallet or another blunt instrument. After removing the pliers from beneath the door, close your door manually and reconnect it to the opener. Once you've done this, your door will find its track once again when you activate the controls.

How do you fix a garage door that's off track?

If your door keeps coming off the track, you may have an issue with your garage door rollers. These are pieces that help guide your door and keep it running smoothly on its track. Before jumping to conclusions, first try to assess the problem. Fixing a roller could be as simple as popping it back into its bracket, or it could end up being a job for the professionals. Start by trying to figure out whether your track is loose or your anchors need replacing before calling in a professional.

How much does it cost to fix my garage door off track?

If you need your garage door professionally fixed, the cost can range from about $133 to $154. The cost for making sure doors hang evenly and correctly can vary depending on your door model, but the total cost typically comes in at around $125.

Garage door roller keeps coming out of track

If your roller keeps coming off the track, you might want to replace your anchors or tighten your track. Stray rollers could also be caused by something as simple as dirt buildup or a lack of proper lubrication over time. If you're in doubt about what's causing your rollers to go off track, it's always best to seek professional help.

Garage door cables are broken

If your garage door cable is frayed or broken, you will want to have it replaced immediately. The cost to have this done professionally can range from about $150 to $200.

Garage door rollers need repair

If your rollers keep popping out and you're still having trouble identifying the issue, you may want to replace them altogether. The parts themselves cost around $8 to $15 at any hardware store and can be replaced at home with the help of a few household tools.