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Garage Door Track Repair

San Anselmo


Review: When it comes to your garage door, garage door track repair is the most common repair procedure to be undertaken each and every year. This is because it is incredibly easy for the door to get off track and for the track to bend. While you can try and prevent this kind of damage by making sure that door doesn't close on anything or isn't under weird stress, the repair is actually, quite simple. The tracks themselves are meant to be repaired or replaced in small pieces, making this repair quick and painless.

Our company tries it's best to make sure that every customer walks away with a smile on their face by our tech Shawn. Thank you for your business.

Service: Garage Door Track Repair
Product: Track

preview Mary N. Mary N.

Emergency Repair Residential Garage Door Service

San Anselmo


Review: There are many things to consider as you scout the market for a quality emergency repair residential garage door service. A lot of people panic in such situations and that is why going with a reliable team is the way to go. It is a team that is going to take care of your needs and ensures everything is in line with your requirements. This team was excellent because the rapid response was ideal. The garage door was not working, and they were able to diagnose the problem and have the door operating as if it were brand new.

We understand how important garage doors can be to the everyday routines of our clients, so we strive to offer our services as soon as we can by our tech Dor. Thanks for giving us a try.

Service: Emergency Repair Residential Garage Door
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Frame Repair

San Anselmo


Review: I had an old home that had cinderblock construction and needed help with a garage door frame. I called your company and you were able to help me with my issue in short order. I appreciate your services and your highly-trained staff. My family is so grateful that you were able to take care of the stubborn issue and design a unique garage door frame for our needs. Cinderblock isn't always so easy to work with but you did it thank you DoReMi Door.

Thank you, we appreciate your business and are so glad that we could help you with your cinder block garage frame by our technician Tom.

Service: Garage Door Framing
Product: Frame

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Garage Door Maintenance Service

San Anselmo


Review: My dining sits above the garage, and for years it has been sounding like a train moving every time the garage door was opened. I have always known that I need garage door maintenance service, but getting quality garage door services is not very easy where I live. That was until I found DoReMI Door Services anyways. Now my garage door has been fixed, and I can work at my office in peace.

We are glad that our doing our best has been enough to please you and make you happy Sean. We promise to keep doing what we do and providing the best services as always.

Service: Garage Door Maintenance Service
Product: Garage Door

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