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Garage Door Extension Springs



Review: When it comes to the different components within a garage door, most people won't even know that garage door extension springs exist. But they are extremely important to the operation of the door and without them it wouldn't be able to open and close. They work together with the cables, loosening and retracting onto themselves as the door is lifted, before tensing and holding the door ready to be opened again as it closes. When they are properly installed and aligned they ensure that the door won't get stuck or have any other problems on the way up or down.

Thanks for your positive praise on our company! We strive to offer only the best service on garage door repair by our excellent technician Dor.

Service: Garage Door Extension Springs
Product: Extension Springs

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New Garage Door Motors



Review: Garage door motors are hard to deal with because there are so many moving parts. It's not easy to figure out what is going on if things fall apart. This is why i is best to call in those who are well-versed in the task and are going to do a great job. The team that was called in here made sure to provide a list of new garage door motors to choose from. They illustrated what a new one would do and how it could add life to the garage door. In the end, the installation made things far more comfortable!

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the kind words and glad your new motor is working perfectly. Let us know if you need anything else garage related by our technician John.

Service: New Garage Door Motors
Product: Motor

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Garage Door Spring



Review: There’s a good reason why this garage door service has a ton of positive reviews. They know how to deliver high-quality service. My garage door went off track. This was a big problem for me as I couldn’t get my car out which I use to go to work. I talked to the technician Steven over the phone and he told me he’d be at my home in a couple of hours. And yes, he was on time! That’s a huge plus! Thankfully, I had to only replace the springs, cables, and rollers. The frame still looks good, so I saved quite a bit of money thank you DoReMi Door.

Our clients tend to feel scared when their garage door goes off track, which is reasonable. But such a problem isn’t as always as complex as it seems by our tech Steven Thankfully, the components of your garage door are mostly in good condition. Thanks for hiring us!

Service: Garage Door Spring Repair
Product: Spring

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Garage Door Repair Services



Review: We were queued up in Lowes with a new garage door opener because ours had stopped working when an engineer from DoReMi Door Services (also in the queue) talks to us. Finally, he came to our house at 7:30 pm, used a screw driver for 30 seconds, fixed the problem, and didn't charge much. He gave us a few tips to tune-up our door and was friendly. We will definitely use DoReMi Door Services when we need garage door services in the future.

Thank you for your amazing remarks. Mrs. Rose, we are very happy to have helped and look forward to doing more for you.

Service: Garage Door Service
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Repair Services



Review: My garage door is in a single panel that tilts up and back across the garage ceiling. Since it developed a fault, I have been scared of losing my cars. I know nothing about garage door repairs, so I consulted a friend. He recommended DoReMi Door Services. I gave them a call, and in less than an hour, they were in my garage. It took them the next 30 minutes to fix my garage door and ever since them, my garage door has been fine.

Ben, we appreciate your remarks and are very happy to have been of assistance.

Service: Garage Door Repair
Product: Garage Door

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Emergency Residential Garage Door Services



Review: Yipee! If you want quality work done on your residential garage door and at a reasonable price, then I completely recommend DoReMi Door Services. They have been fixing my broken springs and garage door opener since I got to know them and I don't know any better residential garage door repairers in the market today. Way to go DoReMi Doors!

We appreciate your remarks Stephanie and look forward to continuing fixing your residential garage door. You are one of our special clients, and we would look to maintain if not improve our services to keep you happy.

Service: Emergency Repair Residential Garage Door
Product: Garage Door

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