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Garage Door Cable Repair



Review: I don't know why I always assumed that repairing my garage door is very expensive, but maybe it is expensive to do the installation. I was able to have the garage door cable repair done but I was happy that the cost of doing it was not as high as I thought. This company gave tips on taking care of my garage door, and I appreciate that.

We are happy that you were able to spend less with us that you thought. Our pricing is fair because we want to provide services to our customers without them breaking the bank.

Service: Garage Door Cable Repair
Product: Cable

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Premier Garage Door Installation



Review: Having a new garage door put in takes time and isn't an easy process for any property owner. Being in this situation meant going to a top-tier garage door installation service as soon as possible. Without the right team, it was going to be impossible to see appropriate results and the garage door wouldn't be functional. This team was able to make sure the installation was customized as intended and was able to work well for the property. This is what makes the service elite as they are well-versed in what works and what does not make it simpler for property owners.

We try to make every garage door installation as painless as possible by our tech John Thanks for choosing us.

Service: Garage Door Installation
Product: Garage Door

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Full Garage Door Systems



Review: There is so much more to a garage door than just the door itself, every little piece, from the original motor and rails to the door itself, plays an important part. This is why getting full garage door systems that are meant to work together seamlessly is so important. This can help save money, keep the garage door working for longer, make the door look nicer, and ensure that it opens more quickly. This is also one of the first options that any good garage door company should be able to offer to their clients.

Thank you very much we are appreciating your great positive feedback to our technician Shawn We are always providing good services to satisfy our all clients.

Service: Garage Door Systems
Product: Systems

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Single Garage Door Installation



Review: I needed a single garage door installed because mine wasn't working properly. In fact, I didn't use my garage most of the time because the door wouldn't cooperate with me half the time. I finally got fed up and worked with this company to get a whole new door put in. Let me tell you, it's a lot better than dealing with what I had before. I'd say this DoReMi Door is well worth the investment, especially considering how professional they were during the whole process.

Thank you for your kind review by our tech Tom and we're glad we could be of assistance. We hope that you and others come to us for your garage door needs.

Service: Single Garage Door
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Styles Services



Review: I almost got confused looking at the different garage door styles of my friends and neighbors. In short, I ran out of choice. Big Ups to DoReMi Door Services for making me settle for the right choice which I like up till now. The design, color, and style all match my building.

Thanks, Mr. Herman for taking your time to review our service. An honest post indeed! We’ll always keep the good service coming, making our customers get the best of door styles.

Service: Garage Door Styles
Product: Styles

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