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DoReMi Garage Door Repair San Rafael, CA

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Best Emergency Garage Door Repair

San Rafael


Review: There are situations where emergencies pop up, and one of them can occur with your garage door repair. What can a person do in such a situation? This is not the time to panic, and that is why it was time to call in an excellent garage door repair service as soon as possible. The service sent in a good specialist that was trained to do the job and make it easier to see why it's best to go with a good emergency garage door repair team. They were able to get the job done quickly and ensure everything was affordable.

We are happy your car didn't have to sit in the rain for too long. Your satisfaction is our top priority by our technician Dor.

Service: Emergency Garage Door Repair
Product: Garage Door

preview Peter D. Peter D.

Swift Garage Door Track Repair 

San Rafael


Review: There is never a good reason to wait around for a repair service, and that is a major pet peeve. It is best to go with those who are going to come in on time and do an excellent job as they are supposed to. This garage door company is elite at what they do because of this reason. They are time-efficient, and that makes it easier to deal with them on a regular basis. For this garage door track repair, they were able to be as swift as needed and had the job done within minutes.

Thanks for your positive praise on our company! We strive to offer only the best service on garage door repair by our excellent technician Dor.

Service: Garage Door Track Repair
Product: Track

preview Latisha T. Latisha T.

Garage Door Security Repair

San Rafael


Review: I had a problem with my garage door and my home was broken into about a week ago. I contacted your service for help and I didn't even know that there were as many options for security as you showed me. I appreciate your prompt attention to the matter. My family is sleeping better now that we know the garage door is no longer an issue that is going to cause problems. Highly recommend this service thank you DoReMi Door.

We appreciate you trusting us by our tech Tom with your garage door repair. Security is important and we are happy that you are sleeping better at night.

Service: Garage Door Security
Product: Security

preview Helen M. Helen M.

Garage Door Installation Services

San Rafael


Review: I am very thankful that I now have a spacious and safe garage for my new BMW series. With just a call, I was able to hire the expert services of DoReMi Door Services and have their technicians install my garage quickly, and it came out perfect. I am completely impressed and ready to tell others about this.

The pleasure is ours! We’re happy that you came for the right installation service, Mr. Ronald and at the end, got what you were looking out to have. Also, we appreciate your review, hoping that you tell others about what we do too as said.

Service: Garage Door Installation
Product: Garage Door

preview Ronald M. Ronald M.

Garage Door Cable Repair Service

San Rafael


Review: I’m excited; I got an efficient cable repair service at a perfect price within my budget from DoReMi Door Services. Ranging from the customer service that picked my call, to the swift and efficient service delivery, I’m set to recommend this service to every person I feel needs it.

Keep spreading the good news, we really like your patronage. Mr. Rick Thanks for the honest review, and be sure that you can always have our service at your doorstep anytime you need it.

Service: Garage Door Cable Repair
Product: Cable

preview Rick J. Rick J.

Garage Door Frame Repair

San Rafael


Review: While I was still reminiscing on the awesome service I got from DoReMi Door Services, my friend called to hear my suggestion about a trusted firm that can fix her garage door framing. Who else would I have recommended? I gave her the details of DoReMi, and she hired their service and called me to express her excitement.

Feels great to work with you, as well your friend. Mr. Jeffrey, we can always give you better service than you ever thought. Thanks for choosing our door framing service.

Service: Garage Door Framing
Product: Frame

preview Jeffery R. Jeffery R.