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DoReMi Garage Door Repair Santa Clara, CA

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Garage Door Maintenance Service

Santa Clara


Review: Maintaining the garage door properly is important to prolong the lifespan of the door. It can prevent costly repairs in the future. I was on the lookout for a good garage door maintenance company in the area. One of my close colleagues told about your company. That is why I decided to call one of your technicians to do maintenance work on the garage door. I am very pleased with the quality of service of the technician. I will recommend your company to all who want a quality garage door maintenance service.

Nice to hear that you love our service!

Service: Garage Door Maintenance Service
Product: Garage Door

preview Javier P. Javier P.

Great Garage Door Service

Santa Clara


Review: A garage door service is critical when it comes to having a good solution to fall back on. This is why it was time to call in the service because the garage door stopped functioning. It was stuck in place, and that meant it was ideal to call in a specialist. He would take a look and determine what was going on as soon as possible. The solution required the placement of new springs. This would not have been possible alone, and that is why it is always smarter to go with those who have an eye for these issues.

Our company tries it's best to make sure that every customer walks away with a smile on their face by our tech Shawn. Thank you for your business.

Service: Garage Door Service
Product: Garage Door

preview Anne K. Anne K.

Emergency Residential Garage Door Services

Santa Clara


Review: I came home from work one evening and my garage door wouldn't open. I had never had this problem before so it came as a surprise. Since I use my garage door to get in my home, I needed to find an emergency repair residential garage door service to help me. I searched around and came upon this DoReMi Door. They arrived at my home within 15 minutes and were able to open my garage door and fix it for me.

We are so happy to know we could help you with your emergency garage door repair by our technician Tom.Thank you for your business and great feedback!

Service: Emergency Repair Residential Garage Door
Product: Garage Door

preview Nina J. Nina J.

Garage Door Opener Repair Services

Santa Clara


Review: I did not know this company offers so many services. The garage door openers repair was done so well. I recommend this team highly.

Thank you for choosing our company. Sir Victor we install quality products and we do it professionally. We are glad you were satisfied with our services.

Service: Garage Door Openers Repair
Product: Openers

preview Victor S. Victor S.

Garage Door Spring Repair Services

Santa Clara


Review: The garage door spring repair work was done so professionally. I can’t believe the quality of work done. Thanks guys for the good work.

Thank you for choosing us. We are always ready to provide great service. We appreciate the positive feedback Ma'am Majorie.

Service: Garage Door Spring Repair
Product: Spring

preview Marjorie R. Marjorie R.