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DoReMi Garage Door Repair Castro Valley, CA

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Garage Door Repair

Castro Valley


Review: This is an exceptional company. They were very proficient, considerate, expeditious and experienced. Technician was such a delight to work with, made this project smooth and simple. They were quick in getting the job done. The door is wonderful and works awesome and smooth!  Thanks a lot!

Thank you for your kind feedback. From products to services we always deliver the best. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Service: Door Repair
Product: Garage Door

preview Stella I. Stella I.

Garage Door

Castro Valley


Review: One of our visitor accidentally bumps on our garage door. Good thing this company came to rescue. The technician discussed the options and went on fixing after the discussion. He really made my garage door looks good as new. Thanks for this company. Keep up the great work. I'll surely recommend this company to everyone!

We are so grateful that you called us and we helped you fixed it. Thank you for taking time to write this good feedback.

Service: Garage Door Repair
Product: Garage Door

preview Lara G. Lara G.

Garage Door Opener

Castro Valley


Review: I hired this company based on price and saw neighbor had a repair recently. The garage door opener repair went great. The technician repaired it efficiently and politely. I was very pleased with the product and service they provide. Keep it up guys. You deserve a high rated reviews!

Thank you that you chose us as well. We highly appreciated this excellent reviews you gave. We're happily served you well.

Service: Garage Door Openers Repair
Product: Openers

preview KC D. KC D.

Garage Door Installation

Castro Valley


Review: This company is impressive. From different companies I asked for quotes and they have the lowest priced. The technician is updating us until the garage door installation is done. Highly recommended company a thousand times to anyone. Extremely meticulous with professionals and knowledgeable technicians. Great service to deal with.

Thanks for authorizing us to help you with your garage door problem. We hope we keep special relations with all our clients.

Service: Garage Door Installation
Product: Garage Door

preview George D. George D.

Garage Door Maintenance Service

Castro Valley


Review: For the longest time, I had no idea that a garage door required regular maintenance. But as the door started slowing down and making a lot of noise I knew I had to call someone. I contacted this local garage door maintenance service and scheduled a maintenance visit. The workers were extremely friendly and professional, and the prices were more than affordable. I will definitely continue to use this service to ensure my garage doors are maintained and working properly in the future.

Thank you so much! Garage door maintenance is very important. We are glad you discovered this before any serious repairs were needed.

Service: Garage Door Maintenance Service
Product: Garage Door

preview Claudio N. Claudio N.

Single Garage Door

Castro Valley


Review: A single garage door is just what it sounds like, a garage that only has one door. This door will of course be much smaller than a double door, but it may actually work out better for the majority of people. If you have a small garage, like to work on projects in the garage, only have one car, or want to only keep one car inside, this will generally be the best choice for your garage door needs. These doors are also much cheaper than their larger counterparts, making them easier for people with smaller budgets to acquire.

We are glad you are happy with your repair by our excellent technician John. Don't hesitate to call us again in the future!

Service: Single Garage Door
Product: Garage Door

preview Tom L. Tom L.

Top Garage Door Security

Castro Valley


Review: Garage door security isn't the first thing a person is going to think about. However, in this case, many essential assets were inside, and it meant to take action as soon as possible. Waiting on this was not an option and would only make things worse. It was smarter to go to a premium solution and ensure things would work out. The company made sure to send in their best to assess the garage door and figure out what would work out well. The current security set up is great and is doing wonders for the rest of the property too.

Our security systems are among the best in the world by our tech John and we are pleased to hear you are enjoying the newfound safety.

Service: Garage Door Security
Product: Security

preview Teresa P. Teresa P.

Garage Door Extension Springs Repair

Castro Valley


Review: My garage door started to act up a month ago, but I could still operate it manually until it finally went off the track yesterday. I was worried about spending a ton of money to fix the problem. I called multiple companies to compare quotes, and this DoReMi Door seemed to provide the most reasonable rate. In fact, I was surprised that some companies were asking three to five times the price. I took the jump and hired the company. The technician replaced the worn-out garage door springs and made adjustments to the door’s height. Everything’s working fine now. Thanks a lot!

Steven, it’s good to hear about your positive experience with us. Operating the garage door by hand is cumbersome. Thankfully, you won’t have to deal with that from now on. Thanks again!

Service: Garage Door Extension Springs
Product: Extension Springs

preview Jean C. Jean C.

Garage Door Frame Repair

Castro Valley


Review: Got exactly what I need! You all would agree with me that getting the right garage door framing has become something of a herculean task of late. That was until I got to know of DoReMi Door Services anyways. Their amazing garage door framing is surely the best in the market right now. It fit my garage door perfectly, and I must say their technician arrived faster than expected after my call and did my working less than an hour.

Mike, we appreciate your comments and are very happy to have helped provide you with what you need. We promise to keep up the good works to leave our customers as happy as you are.

Service: Garage Door Framing
Product: Frame

preview Mike T. Mike T.