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Garage Door Adjustment



Review: I did not know there was a service known as garage door adjustment because I always assumed it fell under the maintenance category. I was going through the services provided by this company, and I was this. I needed it because there was a problem with my garage door as it was getting a little loose. They were able to do the adjustment and now it is working very well.

We have a wide range of services for our clients, and we will help you with any problem that has to do with the garage door. Call us any time.

Service: Garage Door Adjustment
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Framing



Review: Both a stylistic and functional choice, garage door framing is extremely important. It helps protect the garage door as a whole, changes the way that it looks, and is one of the most overlooked components of each and every garage door. The framing fills in any areas that have been left open during construction of the garage, keeps the metal and mechanical elements from being exposed to the elements, and keeps any objects that come towards the door from actually colliding with the door. It also allows you to update or change the style of your garage without spending a large amount of money.

Our customers are our first priority and we do everything in our power to ensure you are happy with our services by our technician John Thanks for choosing us.

Service: Garage Door Framing
Product: Frame

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Professional Garage Door Repair



Review: Imagine walking up to your garage and not knowing if it will work. This is a frightening thought but it can happen, and that is what occurred here. It was not a pretty sight and was a real issue in the long-term. This is why an excellent garage door repair service is always a solid decision. The specialist didn't take a long time to determine what to do next as the springs were giving out. Instead of working with the old springs, he was able to put together new ones before installing them. This ensured the garage door is working like a charm.

We are so happy to hear we were able to resolve your garage door problems by our tech Shawn. We strive to provide the best and fastest garage door repair service around.

Service: Garage Door Repair
Product: Garage Door

preview Adalberto J. Adalberto J.

New Garage Door Motor Installation



Review: I was shopping around to get a new garage door motor for my garage. I needed to find the best price. I called this DoReMi Door and their prices were lower than any other company I had called. I set up my appointment with them and they were able to quickly replace my garage door motor. I was so pleased with the company and their prices on new garage door motors. They are the best around.

Your feedback is appreciated. Our technician Steve strives to provide the best prices and service on everything that we offer!

Service: New Garage Door Motors
Product: Motor

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Garage Door Installation Services



Review: So, I just moved to my new house and needed to have my garage installed immediately. My previous garage installation was not done properly, and I was very skeptical about the sort of service I should get. I went online, saw DoReMi Door Services and decided to give them a try. A few minutes after my call, a technician was in my house, and I got the perfect and best garage installation I could ever ask for. Highly Recommend.

Thank you, Peter. DoReMi Door Services appreciate your comments and are very happy you got to benefit from our amazing garage installation service. Spread the good news!

Service: Garage Door Installation
Product: Garage Door

preview Peter S. Peter S.

Garage Door Cable Repair Service



Review: I can't explain enough how happy I am with this company from start to finish. My garage cable was broken and needed repair. When I called DoReMi Door Services, the woman answering the phones was friendly and helpful. When I told her about my problem, she got a hold of one of her very experienced techs who said they could still get the parts to make it work. In no time, he came and fixed my garage cable.

We are glad we met your needs hastily and efficiently. Mr. Anthony Thank you for using our service. We hope the relationship is long term.

Service: Garage Door Cable Repair
Product: Cable

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