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Review: Being in a situation where your garage door isn't working can be a horrible experience. You will want to use the garage as intended but it can become impossible to do so. For those who are in this situation, you are going to adore what this garage door repair service provides. The team can take a quick look at the garage door and determine what approach to take. This makes your life easier and is one of the reasons it is a top team in the region. There aren't many that are going to produce the results this team can as a garage door service.

Thanks for the kind words! We certainly do our best to take care of you and will continue to do so in the future by our technician John.

Service: Garage Door Service
Product: Garage Door

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Same Day Garage Door Repair



Review: The frustrating reality of not being able to get things done on the same day is never fun. You want to be able to call in a same day garage door repair service and know they are going to do an excellent job. This is why a quality team such as the one that was hired here is the way to go. The call went in the morning, and the specialist was able to show up within the hour. This meant the garage door wasn't going to be left in a state of disrepair for too long.

Thank you very much we are appreciating your great positive feedback to our technician Shawn We are always providing good services to satisfy our all clients.

Service: Same Day Garage Door Repair
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Maintenance



Review: My garage door was not working right and I needed to get it fixed. I called a few places that gave me really short answers and just wanted to set up an appointment. Then I called this DoReMi Door who was very friendly and answered all my questions. I set up an appointment with them and they were able to come take a look at it. They fixed it in no time at all and it's been working right ever since!

We thank you for your comments, they are so nice to hear! Our tech Steven takes pride in our work and love the great feedback!

Service: Garage Door Maintenance Service
Product: Garage Door

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Garage Door Panel Repair



Review: My son ran my car into our garage door panel and ended up destroying the panel, leaving the garage slightly open, I called DoReMi door repairs, they came in, gave me an estimate of what it would cost to get it fixed, wasn't much though. Next day my Garage Door Panel looked brand new I couldn't recognize it. If you want work done on your garage call DoReMi Door Services, and you will get the best. I will recommend these people and will surely call them again when I need help with my garage. It was a great experience, indeed!

DoReMi door repairs is always here to assist you with all you Garage door repairs, can't wait to hear from you again. Thanks Sir. Randy.

Service: Garage Door Panel
Product: Panel

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Garage Door Openers Repair



Review: Yesterday as I was driving off my garage, and heading out to see a friend at the mall, I noticed my Garage door openers were stuck. It was so frustrating because I was already running late. I noticed the right side was hanging much lower than the right. Ugg! I ran back to the house and found someone who could help me fix it. I contacted DoReMi Door repairs, and we fixed an appointment the next day and they diagnosed the problem and finished the job within 1 hour. Now my garage door opens smoothly.

We are really happy we serve you well, and hope you spread the good news. Ma'am Tiffany thanks again for using our services.

Service: Garage Door Openers Repair
Product: Openers

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Garage Door Cable Repair



Review: WOW!!! what a day, I struggled all day long with my husband to see if we could fix our Garage door cable, a couple of DIY videos said we could do it ourselves, but to no avail. Funny thing a DoReMi agent came over to the house and had the Garage door cable repaired in minutes. Thank you, DoReMi Door services.

We hope you enjoyed the exercise trying to get your Garage door fixed, Ma'am Ruth our experts are well trained to get works done efficiently and in time, do not forget to tell your neighbors about the good work we did today at your place. Thanks .

Service: Garage Door Cable Repair
Product: Cable

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