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Garage Door Panel Repair



Review: My garage door has been around for long, and this is why it needed some work to be done on it. It was starting to look old and the panel was not in good shape. The company was able to help me with the problem and did the garage door panel repair. It looks amazing now after working on it. I think the garage door is going to give me some more years before replacing it.

Give us a call when you decide to replace the garage door, and we are happy that your garage door looks great. Give us a call.

Service: Garage Door Panel Repair
Product: Panel

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Perfect Garage Door Framing



Review: There is never a good reason to go with mediocre garage door framing, and this wasn't the time to do so either! The garage door specialist showed up with a book in hand illustrating what the framing options were. This made it a more straightforward task to pick out from the framing choices that were present. Instead of having to rely on the wrong option, it was simpler to see what could be done with the property. This is why the team stood out because not only was the selection process tremendous but the aesthetics were in line with modern needs.

We are happy to work together on custom garage door framing solutions for our customers by our tech Dor. Making your home look the way you want is important to us.

Service: Garage Door Framing
Product: Frame

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Garage Door Track



Review: When my wife told me that she couldn't get the garage door to work right, I was afraid we were looking at some expensive repair job. But when a couple of your guys got here, they said it was just the track that needed to be fixed. I was so relieved that the price was so much lower than I expected! They were really nice and did a great job. Thanks a lot DoReMi Door for a really good experience getting the garage door back on track, literally!

Thank you for the laugh and for letting us know how glad you are about the repairs we did by our tech Steven. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Service: Garage Door Track Repair
Product: Track

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Spring Replacement



Review: Thanks guys for the spring replacement. The quality you fixed is awesome. I will recommend you to my friends

Thank you for choosing our company. Sir Jason we install quality products and we do it professionally. We are glad you were satisfied with our services.

Service: Broken Spring Replacement
Product: Spring

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